Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any experience playing any type of football; can I still join and play in the league?

Of course you can join and play in the league.  We love, encourage and want to teach new players.  In fact, every season we have several new football players that have never played football join the league.

What do my league dues cover?

Your league dues cover all league and playoff games during the season which include field rental, referees, team & individual awards, end of season ceremony, equipment and supplies.  It also covers a t-shirt/uniform as well as a free entry pass to the park where the games are played.  Including the playoffs, each team will play 11-15 games during the season.  The number of games is dependent on the number of teams &/or players each season.

When are league games played?

Currently, league games are played on Saturday mornings and afternoons during the fall/early winter.  Check out the website for exact league schedule and calendar of events.

I want to play on the same team as my friend(s) or significant other?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be drafted on the same team as your friend(s) or significant other.  Every new season, we have a draft which causes the teams to be different every year.  However, we can make a note that two people want to play on the same team and hope the coach will draft both people; however, the coach might not be able to do so and it is not required.

I might not be able to make practices; will I still be able to play during league games?

We encourage everyone to make as many practices as they can so they can learn and understand the game and their team strategy(s); however, we understand that everyone has other commitments and canâ??t make practices.  You will still get to play in league games if you cannot make practices.  We just ask that you communicate your practice schedule or attendance with your coach.

I work on some Saturdays and might miss some league games; can I still join and play?

Again, we encourage everyone to make as many games as they can.  However, if you canâ??t make some games please note that on your forms when you join the league so the coaches will know.  Remember this is a team game and it is very important that you make as many league games as possible.  The purpose of the league is to play flag football with all your teammates.

Are there any rules or guidelines on gay versus straight players like other gay sports leagues?

Heck no!  Even though this is a gay flag football league, we encourage and want all our friends and allies to be able to play flag football.  We do not ask that question on any form and do not have any â??limitsâ??.  That is your personal business and not ours.  The only requirement is that all players must be at least 18 years of age.  This league has and wants all football players to join the league.

If I get injured during a practice or a league game, does the league have insurance to cover my medical expenses?

Unfortunately, your league dues do not cover any type of medical expense if you get injured.  As with any sport, there is always the risk of injury while practicing or playing flag football.  It is highly recommended that you have some type of medical insurance before joining the league that will cover a sports injury.

If after I pay my dues, I find out that I cannot play for whatever reason, will my dues be refunded to me?

The league and board prepares the budget, number of coaches, reserves fields and schedules the draft based on the number of players who sign up.  Therefore, your dues are nonrefundable once they have been paid.  We understand that every situation is different. If you decide you cannot play before the league actually begins, please contact the board so we can consider your unique situation.

I can't make any of the recruitment days; will I still be drafted onto a team?

Our league rules require any new player to participate in at least one recruitment day to ensure that all coaches are aware of the ability level of new players.  However, we donâ??t want to discourage anyone from joining our league.  If you will not be able to participate in one of the recruitment days, please let the league know and we will try to accommodate you.

I don't want to play, but I would like to help the league or be a fan. What can I do?

That is awesome!  We always want fans or support people.  It takes fans and support people to make a league successful.  Please email the league and let us know that you just want to be a fan or help out the league.  A board member will contact you to discuss ways that you can get involved.

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