Player Code of Conduct


I. Respectful Behavior

Each HFFLH League member or participant shall treat fellow members, players, officials, other teams, spectators, and the general community in a sportsmanlike and respectful manner.

II. Misconduct

Members understand that the following actions may result in suspension or disqualification from the HFFLH or athletic competition.

A. Physical

Physical violence of any kind against or directed at other players, spectators, umpires, scorekeepers, potential recruits or officers of the league while acting as a member of the league is subject to review by the Code of Conduct Committee

B. Verbal and Visual

Verbal abuse of any kind against or directed at other players, spectators, officials, or officers of the HFFLH while acting as a member of the league is subject to review by the Board and the Code of Conduct Committee.

C. General

No Member shall:

1. Refuse to abide by a game official's decision;

2. Engage in a fraud with respect to the HFFLH such as lying under an assumed name, falsifying an affidavit or roster, or intentionally giving false information.

3. Participate while knowing he/she, or his/her team, does not meet the eligibility requirements.

4. Knowingly compete or play on the same team with players that are disqualified from HFFLH play.

5. Tamper with player(s) from another team regarding future play.

6. Knowingly violate or fail to report a known violation of the HFFLH Nondiscrimination Policy.

III. Reporting of Incident(s)/Misconduct.

HFFLH members shall inform the HFFLH Board of any conduct by another member that violates the Code of Conduct by submitting a written statement describing the event to Board. After reviewing the initial written statement, the Director assigned by the Board to oversee the Code of Conduct Committee will present the statement to the Board which will, if necessary, act on the incident or assemble the Code of Conduct Committee to review and resolve the reported incident.

IV. Enforcement


The HFFLH Board and, as applicable, the Code of Conduct Committee outlined in the HFFLH Bylaws shall have jurisdiction over the enforcement of the Code of Conduct. Such jurisdiction shall include investigating violations and implementing reasonable resolution of violations within the HFFLH organization.

Resolution of Violations

When a Member has been determined to be in violation of the Code of Conduct, the Board or, as applicable, the Code of Conduct Commission shall be responsible for issuing a prompt and reasonable resolution in accordance with law, the HFFLH Bylaws, or other Board Resolutions.  Resolutions may include, but are not limited to, suspension from games or other HFFLH events or revocation of membership, depending on the degree of the violation and the documented history of the member within the club.

Before playing with the HFFLH and assigned team, you must agree to abide by this Code of Conduct by printing and signing the following.

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