League Rules

Our league proudly provides professional officiating at all league games and for our local tournaments. Our rules are different than many other flag football leagues, and we believe they allow for the most competition and fun during our games. Our paid officiating staff ensures that all players are able to participate in an open manner with no fear of discrimination and with a minimal risk of injury. As an example, the Hurricanes Flag Football League of Houston enforces the following rules:

  • All games are played with a 7 on 7 player format
  • At the beginning of each season, all players enter an "open draft" to ensure parity among the teams
  • We are a co-ed league, but all players may equally participate in the game of play, regardless of gender or sexual identity
  • Blocking with your hands is allowed, but a blocker cannot reach full arm extension or engage continuously
  • Defenders can "chuck" an offensive receiver within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage
  • A rusher must make an attempt to go around the blocker
  • Offensive receivers cannot "chuck" a defender

If you are interested in becoming a paid official with the Hurricanes Flag Football League of Houston, please contact our League President and Head of Officiating, Sean Ryan, at houstonhurricanesfootball@gmail.com

For our full rules, as sanctioned by the NGFFL, please download rules packet pdf by clicking here.

For additional rules that are unique to our league, click here.

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