League Rules

Field Dimensions: 100 yards long (with end zones) by 35 yards wide.

Game length: 2- 25 minute halves, plus 3 extra plays. (5 min. intermission)

Timeouts allowed: 4 for each team in regulation. No more than 3 can be used in any 1 half and 1 timeout is allowed for each team for any overtime period.

Players: Each team is made up of 7 players on the field. Must have at least 6 players to start a game and can play with a minimum of 5 players, if injuries occur.

Points: Touchdown---6 points, Point-after attempt (from 5 yds.)â??1 point (from 10 yds.) ---2 points, Safety or a point-after interception return ---2 points.

Kickoffs: Kicking team must start at their own 30-yard line. Receiving team must have at least 4 players lined up between the 30-yard line and the 40-yard line before the kick is made. NO movement allowed until kick has been made!

Penalties: In general, all fouls are 5 yards, with the exception of fouls that are personal in nature (e.g. pass interference, roughing the passer, holding the ball carrier, clipping, illegal flagging/participation)


  • Only 1 running play allowed per possession. (except point-after attempts, can always run on point-after attempt).
  • Center may be over the ball and slightly in the neutral zone prior to the snap.
  • While running with the ball, spinning is legal. Diving, jumping, and hurdling ARE NOT!
  • Beware of â??flag guardingâ??, by your hands or elbows passing through the waist line or flag region of your body. When in doubt, hold the ball out in front of your body, no batting is allowed.
  • Blockers must block with palms out, elbows bent, between the waist and shoulders, and must remain on their feet while doing so. No tripping or clipping!
  • While running with the ball, you must try to avoid the defender. NO charging!
  • Receivers must have control of the ball with at least one foot in-bounds (unless referee determines that they were pushed out by a defender).


  • Initial rusher must start beyond neutral zone (5 yds.). Any subsequent rushers can only rush after the initial rusher has passed the line of scrimmage.
  • Rushers must try to avoid the blocker by stopping or trying to move around them. As on offense, arms should remain bent at the elbows. Must avoid charging.
  • Rushers canâ??t hit the quarterbackâ??s arm while he is in a throwing motion.
  • When pulling flags, be careful not to hold. If the flag has fallen off, just touch the player with one hand. NO tackling!!
  • While the ball is in flight it is live for either team to catch. Be careful not to interfere with the receiver.
  • Defenders may block a receiver within the neutral zone, but cannot hold the receiver ever or impede their route beyond 5 yards.

If you are interested in becoming a paid official with the Hurricanes Flag Football League of Houston, please contact our League President and Head of Officiating, Rob Chapman at houstonhurricanesfootball@gmail.com

For our full rules, as sanctioned by the NGFFL, please download rules packet pdf by clicking here.

For additional rules that are unique to our league, click here.

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